Sometimes it feels like getting suffocated

Like everything you touch makes you dull

Every moment feels like candy

Sweet and filled with an aroma that gets your eyes sparkle

Sometimes it feels like everything is going your way

Like favor is upon you

Like you are lucky at that special moment

Your mind stops and it doesn’t turn because You feel great

Everything has an impact

Positive or negative

You need to face your fears tackle everything heads on

Even the hardest rocks break them

Because nothing is ever hard to solve

When you feel like nothing is working just calm down and whisper to yourself that

Everything is going to be fine

God is with me in this and no storm shall break my vessel with him inside.

Mandy Mercy Mwende


Emotions, hurt motions

They come by when we do not expect it

They are cold inside but no

They are not bleeding no more

They crash everything

They change what you have

They turn you into something

Something that converts

Emotions to hurt motions

The feeling you get after waiting

Just to feel the heat

Pass through your neck

Down through to your stomach

Gambling done by what we call

Butterflies by they are

Emotions converted to hurt motions

The moment you feel like all’s okay

Then suddenly

Tears weld up and

Behind the tears is pain and

You are left wondering why

Why things can be so hard for you

Someone your age should not cope with

Emotions rather hurt motions

Mandy Mercy Mwende


Nothing gets me like a good time

It is not more like a movie play down

But its more of sacrifice

A selfless character, smiles and hope

The happiness gets my smile bending like dew on the morning grass


Even though dawn is still sometime away,

Some light fills my heart more than it was yesterday

Share with me and tell me what you feel

Hold my hand and do not let go

Let it bloom just like a fresh rose flower would

Perhaps it is a feeling of optimism, that something good is coming by

Mandy Mercy Mwende

To Be Brave

To be brave

Is to face your fears

Find a strong hold

Something that makes you fight on

Even when they encourage you

Wipe those tears

It hurts more than fire grazing the top part of your palm

I know you have something

Something that makes you

Chase your dreams no matter the circumstances

What you believe in builds you

It makes your soul strong

More like

Make the most out of your life

Make memories

Fight and be strong

Forget your fears

You are a fighter

More of a warrior

Don’t give up

Just fight a little longer

Because it’s so worth it in the end

And remember when you got no one to turn to

Just hold on

I will find you.

Mandy Mercy Mwende


She walked in and sat next to me

Held my hand with teary eyes staring at me

She was scared that I would leave her

She stroked my bald head

I looked at her and smiled

It was two weeks to the end of my chemo

I was so sure that it was going to be okay

The pain I felt left me feeling hollow

But I had all reasons to look strong

And not give up

The love and support kept me going

It’s never too late to love, and be there holding on to those in need of encouragement

What makes their heart glow is what matters

The old good times

Flashed through my mind

It felt like fate was not on my side

Nothing seemed right but I had no control over my health

I had to live like each moment minute was my last

I hugged her and whispered that it was gonna be okay.

@Mandy Mercy Mwende

For what it’s worth

A little bit of time

Would do good to them

Just before the flight took off

She sat wondering

What if she touched the clouds

What if she felt the intense darkness

Beyond the sun

Her three bags full of luggage

Made her feel like she could give up

She was running away from the country from the land that got her wear sadness

Nothing was left behind for her

She was just looking forward to have a happy beginning

Her left hand was gracefully

Decorated with her engagement ring

She thought to her self

What about all the promises she made to her lovers before

Why don’t she fulfill them

What made her give up

What was the cause of the sad edge

What caused her depression

Obviously she did not get any answers

But she hoped that her new life would be better than the past

@Mandy Mercy Mwende

Don’t Give Up.

When nothing seems easy
Nothing should hold you down
Its hard to keep moving on
When life gets hard stay strong
When you feel like giving up
Hold on and encourage you

You are much more
Better special and carefree when you
Have your back
Have you to count on when times get hard

You don’t have to soak your pillow
You don’t have to beat you so hard
But keep in mind that you have something special
Something that will make them happy and glad
Mostly because they have you

You don’t have to fear
You don’t have to hate
You don’t have to say goodbye

There is a tomorrow
That will make you happy
That will give you what you desire
That will never give up on you
That will make you smile for the hard times un the past

Keep pushing hard
Love and care
Be there and comfort
Encourage and pray

Mandy Mercy Mwende