Don’t Give Up.

When nothing seems easy
Nothing should hold you down
Its hard to keep moving on
When life gets hard stay strong
When you feel like giving up
Hold on and encourage you

You are much more
Better special and carefree when you
Have your back
Have you to count on when times get hard

You don’t have to soak your pillow
You don’t have to beat you so hard
But keep in mind that you have something special
Something that will make them happy and glad
Mostly because they have you

You don’t have to fear
You don’t have to hate
You don’t have to say goodbye

There is a tomorrow
That will make you happy
That will give you what you desire
That will never give up on you
That will make you smile for the hard times un the past

Keep pushing hard
Love and care
Be there and comfort
Encourage and pray

Mandy Mercy Mwende


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