The horror

The chicken walked all over

Showing less concern with the weather

Mothers carried pots on their heads

Others cleaned their cereals

Others bathed their children


Girls in the garden plugged their jembes deep into the soil

Uprooting weeds and digging

Others hanged their clothes – singing happily

Fathers sat under the tree

Reading news papers or rather,

Shaving their beards with a small mirror


Suddenly rain poured so heavily

So heavily that it swept away

All houses in the east and west

Cats meowed in distress

Dogs barked in horror

Everyone tried to gather all that they owned

With hope that their houses would conquerer

The range shown by the sudden fall

That the rain would ignore the fact  that they never existed


Hours went by the rain still poured

Houses socked from the drips of rain from the roofs

Mothers fed and tucked their children tight kissing them goodnight

Protecting them from the fear of the rambling thunder

Some children cried in fear

The soil outside finally gave in to the Persuasion of the rain water

A land slide was experienced

The dam over flowed and its banks busted out

The water made its way to the homes


Houses were swept away

People lost their lives others lost their loved ones

Property was destroyed

Cats,chickens parted ways with their masters


The rain destroyed in seconds

We need to help and support those affected

With natural calamities that are beyond our control

Donations, prayer and support is all that they need


Mandy Mercy Mwende.




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