Follow your heart and not the crowd.

Sometimes in life we get to meet many people. Some of whom we share dreams together and others have completely different views about what they want to have in life.

We tend to crave for a sense of belonging to people around us.We are always afraid of being alone in this world.Sometimes we fail to achieve what we want just for the sake of pleasing our peers. Well, I’ll agree that people are different in many ways. Some need people to tag along so that they can make it in life. Others tend to make it alone but with the help of diversified professionals.

I have always believed that having principles, gives you a sense of direction in life. I have had a couple of moments where my principles, help me make right decisions not because I don’t want to fit in the society but because I believe that what I do will be reflected sometime in the future.

Sometimes we tend to change our style just because of fame, we need to look like different people and so we forget that everyone is special in their own way,and tagging along with people who appreciate us the way we are helps us grow.

Sometimes, we may need to appreciate ourselves and believe that we were born and created with a purpose.You need not change who you are to be accepted by society.

Believing and having a positive view in different things that we do can help us achieve different things. Do not shutter or give up when things do nor work out the way you expected them to. There is always a second chance that will help and enable us do things in a much better way.

No one will stop or pause their world for you. When people get a chance to improve and add value to their lives they will and they will not tag you along.So you have to follow your own trail.Believe that the stage you are in right now is one that will improve you and no one’s timing is the same.

We have different timings in life.Do not give up on your dreams when you see someone close to you or someone you know achieve theirs. All the same, you need to always encourage yourself to do better.

Follow your own trail.Do not compare yourself to anyone.Be the best version of who you are. Achieve your dreams and your own free will and comfort. Even when you are afraid to do anything;

Stay afraid, but do it anyway.Do not go with the flow but be the flow.

♡Mandy Mercy Mwende♡


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