The comfort of believing

Well I was busy studying then suddenly, I started meditating on today’s sermon in church. The armor of Christ was the topic.

I then got to realize that as Christians we need to know that we are fully armed with the grace and love of God that protects us from all evil in the world today. We might feel like life is so hard or like everything is just drawing away from us making us feel void and incomplete.

Sometimes temptations may come through and all we have is doubt and sadness. Well Job in the Bible was tempted by the devil but even with the hard time he was facing and the pain he felt from the sores on his body he never turned his back on the Almighty.Sometimes our friends can contribute to leading you away from your Christian way of life but you have to always keep in mind that friendship is a choice. Well also, choices make or break us.

God always holds our hands in every situation we face. You may feel like no one wants to help you with the many problems or hardships you may be facing but, God will always be right there next to you.

Communication with God is always key. You can never go wrong with telling God how you feel or what you need or what your deepest feelings towards something this is because he never lets go but listens without giving any judgements on what you say to him.

As a christian, developing a personal relationship with Christ, makes you do all things in confidence and distinguishing between right and wrong will be easy. You probably will not do what you cannot do in Gods presence.

Living a Christian life requires sacrifice. Sacrifice from the earthly pleasures and doing things that please God. You do not need to change or have two different personalities for the sake of pleasing people around you. Being true to one self makes you feel confident and self sufficient in all things you do. You will also be an absolute representation of Christ and a blessing wherever you go.

Be Blessed.

*Mandy Mercy Mwende*


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