Many of us do things that pollute us.Detoxification leads one to;

1.Harmful relationships,

Friendship that does not make you grow as a person towards your successful life.

2.Toxic media,

Toxic media comes along when the journalists give news updates about bad things happening.This contributes to addiction to news since one will need to know what is happening in the current world of today.

3. Addictive habits,

These are basically habits controlled by what one does not know and is killing them slowly.

The very smallest things make the biggest impact in our lives.Detoxing is the removal of toxic substances from a living being. Toxins in life pollute our relationships with God.

2 Corinthians 6:14, 7:1

You should not be yoked together with non-believers.There is no relationship with light and darkness. We sure are the temple of the living God.You are the Holy of holies if God.

You need to detox yourself from anything that can destroy, pollute or terminate your christian and spiritual life. God cannot purify us. This is because He wants us to do it for ourselves.

Ask yourself: Is there anything in your life that should not be there?

Some of the Toxins that have unpurified ourlives are;

1. Evil thoughts ;psalms 13:2

You need to detox when you are struggling with your thoughts. You need to try hard and make right decisions.


Check what you consume and what you say. Romans 8:5 We really need to think of things that bring us close to God.

2. Negative thoughts

We need to know that nothings impossible with God.


Start thinking with the way God thinks. We need to think of things the way God thinks and says about them.

You will start saying and confessing what God confesses.Be positive. Ephesians 4:29 We need not abuse people or use foul language.

3. Sin.

It is anything that pollutes us. Sin is practically missing the mark. You need to ask yourself why you missed the mark.


Always aim to repent.

4. Self Deception

Are you Deceived?

Do you know of anyone who is self deceived?

Some of the ways you can know whether you are self decieved are:

When you say to yourself that;

  • You do not have a problem
  • It is not a big deal ( after doing something wrong)
  • I am not as bad as some people are ( I am not like so and so).
  • I can quit a certain addiction anytime when you want to.
  • This is the way i am.

When saying all these you are simply flatteting yourself. You need to acceot things as they are and find a solution to them.

3 Main things to help you detox are

  1. Feeding yourself with God’s word

Feeding yourself with God’s word by listening to sermons. The word of God washes and clenses it is the best detox.

You need to starve yourself from, Dirty blogs, programs, news and politics.

2. Worship

Listen to good worship music. What you listen to is very important. You need to put secular music away however much of a struggle it may seem to be.

3. Prayer.

It will empower and detox you.

Hope you enjoy reading this and that it will help you strengthen your christian life. It was inspired by a sermon from one of the pastors in my church. Deliverance Church Umoja.

Be blessed as you read it.

@ Mandy Mercy Mwende.


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