She remembers it like it was yesterday
“Crush” was such an infantile word
One that must have been invented by older folks
The ones with an interest in belittling young love.

She hated it
She didn’t have a crush on him
She loved him with the passion hotter than a thousand suns
He was the one
She knew it
He was all that was in her mind;
He was her true north, her everything
One day they’d prove everyone wrong
Run away together, start a family of their own.
Tomorrow she’d find a way to talk to him
Tell him how she felt,
Then she could finally stop hiding her emotions…

But she fears
That all that would turn into a nightmare
That she would affirm that love is nothing for her
She had faced rejection
She held it back
Decided to wait
But life was unfair to her
It made her lose her dreams
Made her hold her breath till the day
When he will ask her for a minute

The moment he looked directly into her eyes
It took her breath away
She had never been so calm before
Everything seemed right
Like it was meant to be
A smile crept and the air grew thick with a tenderness
Tenderness that couldn’t help but make her
Breathe slower, deeper, happier
Then she snapped out and realized that it was a dream!

Image result for happy soul

@ Mandy Mercy Mwende


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