Acquaintance and True Friendship.

Small circle? Well what came to mind is right. Do you ever think of how your life will be like when you have every stranger knowing every detail about you?Well sometimes people go to an extreme length and identify what makes them better than you, then they try using that particular thing to put you down.

Having a small circle does not require you to have few friends and lock out the rest. Well some of us have contacts a whole lot of contacts on our phones or emails. But when you try thinking about it you will get to realize that we communicate, relate and spend time with almost less than half the people on our contact list. Some people actually get to meet up with you ask for your contact and they never get to communicate or talk to you. Funny enough, It is always said that people give out their contact details for the sake of having a high number of viewers on their Whats App status. They definitely know few things about you and i will call them Acquaintances.

An acquaintance, is someone who knows slightly about you but are not close friends.Most of the friends we have fall under that category. They will never be there for you when you need them, but they will expect you to be there for them. Some will make you their Duff. They will use you to get something they really want.

Close and true friends are hard to find. It does not matter how many people you will have in your life but first, you need to have Jesus as your first and best friend always. With him you will always make right decisions it does not matter how long it will take but blessings always need patience.

Some of the qualities of a true friend that you could use to select your true friends from your Acquaintance are: Identifying;

  • whether they are trustworthy
  • whether they are honest with other people they relate with
  • whether they are non- judgemental
  • whether they are generally dependable
  • whether they are loyal to the people they care about

All in all you need to remember that a true friend is one who lets you have total freedom to be yourself and does not need you to always keep in touch because the bond you have always strengthens your friendship. A true friend will not need you to return any favors since they dedicate themselves to always be available for you when you need them.


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