You and your 2018 resolutions

Well, It happens to be the last day of the year. You might have had specific resolutions for this year but haven’t yet achieved them. Some of us ,if asked we might not even be aware where we placed our 2017 written resolutions .But when you sit down and think about how many things you have achieved over the year , well you might actually be quite impressed at yourself and furthermore happy about the set resolutions.

Some of the most common new years resolutions are:

  • Succeeding in business
  • Growing your credit card empire
  • Finding love
  • Getting to make new friends
  • Getting promotions

But all in all people forget about involving God in their plans. If you ask someone to write a list of what they need next year God might be at the bottom of the list or more certainly no where to be seen on the list. We forget that God is and has always been there for us no matter the circumstance we’ve been through.

Most people couldn’t make good of their resolutions. Some got involved in accidents of various kinds making them incapable of fulfilling some of the set plans for the year . Which should make the lot of us grateful and have hearts filled with gratitude as it is only the favour of our Lord Jesus Christ that has driven us through the year anyway You need to know that the world never revolves around you, but rather the world rotates around you. You need to make resolutions that build you as a person and that do not require you to be an instrument of use for others at the expense of yourself .You need to put yourself first. First benefit from what you do and the rest shall follow borrowing from your strides of success.
We might have once in a while found ourselves in situations where we need our friends but they are no where to be reached. Gone through certain phases in our life that were filled with disappointments that made us want to give up and seize up on everything we do . Tried things you never wanted to, compromised principles just to please other people.
But you fail to think about how you can get out of such situations in life and make better of yourself .And thus this leads us to making new resolutions for the coming year. Here are some of the factors or principles that should guide you on developing your new year resolutions,
Seeking God’s help in all situations
Identifying new friends
Cutting off the old friends who bring no value to your life
Trying to stick to your principles
Being yourself in all situations
Don’t tolerate those who do not accept you as you are
Let nothing make you lose hope of achieving what you want in life
All in all making rush decisions makes you want to turn back time. Be wise in selecting and writing down your new year’s resolutions. Do not forget to put God first in all that you do and favour yourself before everyone else.

©Mandy Mercy Mwende


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