It has become an everyday practice in our current world today. Generally, dating has been described as a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby 2 people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the others suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship or marriage.Well in this current generation,dating is always seen as being in a relationship with someone who you will spend all your time going shopping,cuddling,going for dates, movies and doing what makes you fit in a group of your friends( facing pressure to have sex with your date just because your friends have prac practiced it and you feel left out).

Some people today take it to another level where by they ignore their principles just to please their significant other.I always insist on having principles and sticking by them.Dating today has led to people;

  • Committing murder and suicide
  • Seeking vengeance
  • Having disagreements
  • Changing yourself to impress your partner
  • Arguments

Many young people believe that dating someone is a lifetime commitment.This leads to people experimenting sex, drugs just for the sake of pleasing your partner.

Well I personally believe that before dating one should have principles that guide them,and help them make right choices. Then when you get to find someone you like and you could compare your principles and if they match then vuala! You are good to go.

So many people today invest in online dating. Where you get to meet someone on social media, tell them about you and they reciprocate by telling you about themselves. Well in the past few months I came to realize that you shouldn’t open up facts about yourself to anyone you meet. Cyber bullying has become a bold topic in our online platforms.Girls sending nude photos to guys who share and blackmail the girls using the photos.Leading to low self esteem issues,attempted suicide and bullying.

Dating today has led many teenagers astray.Some of the teenagers do things so that they can be seen as “cool” and outstanding people. What is hard in identifying a friend who adds less value in your life and leaving them to save your self from the upcoming misery? Sex, drugs, robbery,abortion,droping out is all as a result of all this dating without purpose.

If you are sure that you are ready to commit yourself in a relationship,you need to ;

  • Believe that God is a match maker.
  • Pray and tell God exactly what you are looking for in a man and if you have what someone else is looking for in a woman then God will sure mould you two together.
  • Find a God fearing person who will stick by his or her faith and stay away from sin.
  • Believe that love grows after sometime and that first love is questionable since you know nothing about the person.
  • Know that rush decisions crush dreams.(Early pregnancy leads to increased number of school dropouts)
  • Have strong principles.Which lead you to the right direction in life.
  • To build or invest in friendship before deciding to get into a love relationship.
  • Stay pure and ignore all the worldly desires.
  • Find someone who has same values as you through friendship.
  • Be ready to face what comes your way and stand by your decisions
  • Ensure that your significant other is ready to commit to the relationship.

If you meet someone and you like them however difficult it may seem, approach them and explain it to them. Lift that burden away from you.I know sometimes it may seem difficult but it will help you achieve your end objective by letting them know about it.Some people will act immature by making fun of it when others will find a solution to it. Others will be mature enough to let you know that You need to grow as friends so that someone can get to know more about you. Investing in friendship is the best secret to a stable relationship in future. That’s if it works out through friendship.If it doesn’t work out and you do not end up being with that person you always liked, Just know that God is the match maker and of you tell him he sure will listen to you.

Making rush decisions and getting into relationships or dating people you barely know, leads to heartbreaks that could make one depressed,sad or even make one give up on love. Having the need to keep that person you love, could lead to you feeling the pressure to always take “the next step” which leads to regret in future.

Make wise decisions.Do not rush into dating someone just because you like them. Fine if you have a crush on someone let them know but allow your friendship to grow and this might be God’s way to bring you together. You never know.Just have faith and pray as you look for your perfect date.

Be a blessing to the man you marry. Make him look at you and say;

“you are the woman I prayed for. “

Relatively be a blessing to the woman you marry.Make her look at you and say;

“you are the man I prayed for. “


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