She always sat outside her mother’s hut
With dreams of studying and helping her out
On her hand was a small bowl of thick camel milk
Her mother told her that it made one’s skin glow
As it was used in the past days during weddings
She had tears building up on her eyes
When she looked at her thighs
Her torn garment hide nothing
Marks of domestic violence stretched out
From her beloved mother to her
She then looked up at her mother
Who earned an income by sewing sisal baskets and ropes
Holding her younger brother who suckled from her saggy breasts

She then lifted her fore finger and dipped it in the camel milk
Placed it on her palm and spread it through
And applied it on her face making it even by spreading it
She then looked at a portrait of her mother when she was young
She had curves resembling a pots neck
She had hips as graceful as a deer, skin like that of a giraffe
Her teeth were as white as milk
She did not understand why the man that paid bride price
In exchange for her beloved mother treated her like she was less important

She had no hope
No dreams
Her father always spent all the bursary money on alcohol
He drunk all her dreams away
And made mother a punching bag
He cared less about how important it was for her to study
He beat her up and tried to make her realize that a woman’s place was in the kitchen
As she is always chased away from school
Her mother tries to motivate her
Her heartless father robbed her dreams from her
On the first day he sipped alcohol

She always cries
Having no hope for the future
A victim of domestic violence
The camel milk is her only hope
At least it assures her of her untold and undoubted beauty.


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