We tend to see the faults of other people and ignore our own.We fail to understand how things are the way they are just because of our actions. Sometimes we need to block and put off all the negative energy that come our way.

Negative energy breaks people and makes them realise that they have a really boring type of lifestyle. What encourages them to move on is them getting their way in all they do.If someone is used to doing something in a certain way then they will want everyone around them to do any task according to their way.

Sometimes in life we need to put our right leg forward and ensure that all the things we do are perfect.You make mistakes everyone does but why do you ought to use someone’s mistake to bring them down? There is no rule, no established law that forces us to love people. It’s your right to like or hate.

If you dislike someone’s actions then you should tell them. Do not be afraid of correcting someone’s current behaviour with the fear of losing them. Let them leave at the expense of the truth. We should also correct our faults before pointing out other people’s faults.

Life should never be taken causally make sure all that everything happening around you benefits you in one way or another.

Make sure that before you point out someone’s mistake you correct your own

Make sure that you are ready to accept corrections and take them positively

Make sure that all situations in life have a limit.

When one points out your faults in life it should not bring you down but rather help you become a betterversion of who you are.


2 Replies to “Faults”

  1. This is so true. Let me add, do it all in love. Let love be the motive of correction or pointing mistakes. All with the purpose of helping the person be closer to God. 🙂


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