Sometimes life takes its course

She sat on top a big brown box

Along the corridor

Stared up at the stars

Tears running down

Through her cheeks dripping down

To her neck

Flowing down to her cleavage

She always thought

That the stars are special

She always wanted to be that special

Since he left her all alone

She has been lost into her own world

She never forgets the good time

The long calls, endless texts she received

All that kept flashing through her mind

She could never forget it

Just like an elephant

She felt unsafe in the presence

Of people she did not know

She was afraid of love

She learnt that love hurts

she planted it in her mind that- love never lasts

Simply because someone broke her heart

She changed everything

She regretted the time wasted

Trying to convince her bestfriend that he was the one

But as time passed by he turned out to be just as her best pal had told her

Simply because someone broke her trust

She sheds tears each day

Thinking about how everything faded away so fast.


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