Sometimes we feel lost. We feel so lost that we simply do not understand what happens to us when situations that break us hit us.We never recognise how to cope with heartbreaks,rejection and betrayal.Sometimes, we may feel like the world is against us. Not because you are going through something but because of some acts of bullying that reign around us. Bullying does not only happen in schools but even at home and in workplaces.But we never realise this until someone points it out.

I will agree that it’s part of life to be broken and at this time you will always want to be in your own place. Even from those who love you.Sometimes we think that everyone around us is a friend in need.But to be precise most of the people you live long with are always frenemies.Both your friends and enemies. They never stand it to see you go an extra mile.It is always hard to pick out the truthful people in our lives. Betrayal comes from anyone mostly those close to us.

For us to stay away from being broken we need to find the path of the Bible.Which helps is seek Jesus. And anytime you feel sad or lonely, God will always hold your hand and walk with you.All you need to do is have faith and seek him anytime anywhere.

You do not need man to be all happy.You will be betrayed broken sad.Where else will you find comfort if not I’m the almighty?You need to play your cards right.Find a reason as to why something turns out to be the way it is.And all answers you will get them in the Bible.The Bible says that we should seek yee the kingdom of God and all shall be granted to us.

Being broken is part of life. It makes us learn and it builds and re-creates us to better models of who we already are.


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