Have you ever sat down and thought about yourself. Well in my high school we had it scheduled for us. It was a time where we got to sit somewhere In the filed and think about our lives.It was a Me Time.

Well, our generation today has taken a turn not on the positive but the negative side.You will find someone doing or getting involved into something just to please their friends.Well this is for all who are struggling to have that life they have always wanted. Those who do not know how to get things done.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether you are single or not,you need to be smart and create a future of your own.You need to work on yourself,love yourself and build yourself from the Bible. Allow the words of the Bible to mould you into the person you desire to be.If you are in a relationship you need to have your goal intact.Do not allow yourself to make your significant other your security:Be independent and be a go getter.

If you are a lady,
Suffering from depression, heartbreaks or even having a low self esteem.You need to know that you are beautiful,knowing that will help you know how to make yourself presentable like the Proverbs 31 woman…who did everything and her husband was acknowledged just because of her everyday practice.Be a woman that takes care of herself each moment.All you need to do is know,love and accommodate yourself.By doing that you will have an easy time loving others too.

If you are a guy,
You don’t know why things are the way they currently are. You don’t have any friends with good values. You are always the old one out when it comes to upholding your dignity.You need to change your ways but you don’t know how then you need to know that;the way you take life depends on how it will be in the future. Know that you will grow yourself by having a wife and children that will mark the beginning of your clan. One that is your very own.

If you live a honest,hardworking and God fearing life then that is how your family will be like. Remember that you need to teach your children according to the ways of the Bible and they will never depart from it. Be that guy that appreciates everything before them this will humble you before God and you will surely get all that you require through Him.


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