Time is up!

So, I will take you back to when you were in primary school. Where the teacher would ask you to say aloud what you would want to become when you grow up. Each and everyone would say the big names, a doctor, pilot,engineer,lawyer. For me i first wanted to be a teacher,then changed to a doctor then changed to a chief justice and now im actually aiming to be a human recourse manager in future.

Why do dreams keep changing. I have a reason why i kept changing my mind.As we all know, small children are always faciated by small things.My teacher would give me chalks as i was about to leave the class room.I had a big box that had been used to transport our fridge. That then was my blackboard.I had alot of passion in it until when my dad purchased a doctor play set for me.I used to treat my doll and i actually saw that being a teacher was nothing much more interesting than being a doctor.I excelled in science and it madee me realise what a good doctor i would become.

Later in high school,we were asked the same question,”what do you want to become when you grow up?”One of my friends mentioned a chief justice. i had never heard of it before but well it sounded so fancy.This made me change my mind from being a doctor.Business studies was one of the easiest subjects.I excelled more in business compared to history.So then my mind changed again and i wanted to do business in my career life.

The reason behind sharing this is to really bring out the aspect that parents,teachers,guardians, need to help their children grown in their dream.Hold onto that rope of your child’s deam.Do not let go of it.Make sure you also help grow their talents.Becoming a better person in life really needs support and encouragement.Changing of dreams was something of the past.We need to try and encourange the current and coming generation not ot follow the confused path we followed in the past.

We need to build our world and make it a better place.Do not choose for your child any career path.It is their life after all.If someone does what they do not desire then it will be a aste of time and resourses.

Some of the ways you can use to build a successful career path are:Haing a clear vision,setting goals,developing skills and knowledge,building proffessional networks andhave career mentors(you could mentor your child,student or sibling.)


6 Replies to “Time is up!”

  1. True. I also think having a vision board helps a lot. What one does is just get pictures of stuff one would desire to have in the future and put them together in one big board. It can be a real board or a soft copy in your laptop. Looking at it frequently really helps motivate you to work hard.


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