I met her in a corner
Far in a dark lane
I heard a cry that stung my lungs
I walked and held her arm
She was cold and scared
She never knew where to go or what to do
I offered to help her
I took her to my house
One bedroom house
At Kayole
She seemed to have come from a rich family
I gave her a jacket to keep off the cold
I prepared some strong tea
I could not afford a coffee maker
She looked at the cup
And sipped in slowly
Her story she told me
Her parents threw her out
Because she had an abortion
Incited by her exboyfriend
I offered to help her

Months later she came home to my home
With new heels,clutch bag
Worst of all a short dress lost in her kimono
I had no job
I was a student
How comes she got that all done in few days
She clipped open her bra and threw it besides me
She slid off her pants i was so shoked
Blood stains !
She then dropped on ny bed and threw 10 thousand
Kenya shillings on my face
I was so hurt
Anger boiled through my soul
I took her by hand and threw her out of my house

Few months later
She came to school
Driving a ford
She passed me like she never knew me
She was so pretty
Everyone talked about her
She got implants and was sponsored
By the CEO of the Tobacco industry

Slay queen the title drowned on her
She had special food served
She had nails well done
Money to give and “keep change”
Was all she could say
Loud enough for all to hear.
slay queen,
Lets wait and see where karma leads her.


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