So each day is new day
She wakes up
The first thing to do is look at her phone
For any new notification
All the positive comments
Give her courage to start a new day
She even puts on expensive make up
Sleeps with it so that her face can be flawless
She looks for money
Stealing is part of it too
She has no source of income
She has to steal to impress

She gets a tattoo on her neck
Showing off by holding a barn up high
She has love bites that she cannot hide
She’s light they are pink, red,purple
Eyes like a cat
Mascara,eyeliner,have become her daily bread
She pretends that she cannot eat
That she wants to cut down her weight
Her trousers grow out of size
She used the stolen cash to get breast,ass implants
She wants all the attention
Each night she gets home late and tired
Leaves her bag on the coach
Goes to the bedroom
Removes all her fake identity:her make up,face lace wig
Her life is hard to cover without any money
She goes out dressed in a short short bralet and kimono
She does not know that her life is at risk
Everything is at stake
Her status
Her love life
Her reputation
But all she wants to do is impress

Her sponsor
A brown mzungu from downtown
Drives a range worth millions
Designer made suits
Wait i saw her with another one too
A tall dark Nigerian guy
Six feet tall
Always having different designer watches
Ties he dresses to kill
She got a fake identity card
Just to meet up with more from expensive night clubs
I dont know why she juggles them but her life is at stake

She always wants to attract every tom dick and harry
Each day she walks in with new laced wigs
She was born in the slums but she forgot about the struggles to get the title of a slay queen
All guys fix their eyes on her wiggling butt as she walks
I have nothing to say
She will do anything to impress

She never comes to class at all times
She cuts her way through
Passes the exam
Then jumps to the new semester
She is a celebrity on facebook,instagram,twitter,snapchat
She wiggles her butt thinking that guys will fall for her
She shows off her clivage
She takes photos with tights
So that her assets can pop out
All she cares about is fame

She changed for fame
Back at home,
Her mother does not know
Her daddy does not know too
She walks home like a sait
She has a horrible life behind the cartains


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