Stand firmly on your ground

Sometimes we need to try and think about every single thing we do.

We tend to feel lost

Even at our sober state of mind

When no ones there to pat our back when we cry

We feel sad and weary

Ready to lose ourselves unknowingly in anger

We make decisions without thinking about them

We regret when time passes and what we decoded gets lost

We are hunted by what we never wanted to know

Choices made are hard to rewind

Our self confidence is deminished

We need to stand our grounds

When your peers need you to do something say No or yes

Say it like you own it

Do not mind what they say

Not everyone is around you to favour you when in need

Be strong and try being a hero in your own world

Do not let your anger make decisions for you

Do not allow circumstances lure you to making wrong choices

Have a special place in heart

Where you deeply think of something

Try analysing and looking into whether something has good or bad consequenses

Always be that ome person who will uphold their values

Not to please others,but to keep themselves at per with their standards

Be a brave person

Do not let anyone bring you down just because you are so firm in your decision making

Be a diamond in the rough

Shine so bright

Do not let anyone put you down at any cost

You owe no one anything

You came into this world with strong values

Live with them inheart

Do not let go if them

Be still and firm if you say NO or YES,

Say them like you mean them.


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