Life time

It was a really hot monday afternoon.Autmn leaves fell along the road.Ice creams melted upon contact with the scortching sun.Babies cried as their skins turned orange pink.My close to heart friend,69,Was on top of his car waving to his fans smiling happily.He had won the MA awards for being the best rapper in Africa.The jealous ones chocked with guilt as the happy ones celebrated with joy.I was the one driving my friend as he headed down town,towards Eka hotel where he had organized a party to celebrate his party.

Suddenly a scream was heard and blood splashed all over the windscreen.His head rolled down the windscreen to the bonnet.People shouted as they ran away to save their lives.I pulled out my gun and shot two bullets towards his chest.

The road was clear and no one was around.I decided to run so fast since the siren was being heard from a far.A car followed me behind so i had to board a van to Nyanyuki.I was not loaded with enough of money since it was not yet end of month.I recharged my phone with airtime worth 20 shilings and called my highschool friend who lived there.

He came for me at the bus stop and has a big black bag on this back.I was happy to see him three years down the line. We walked for a long distance before we got to his home.When i got there i was so shocked.The house looked so big and an expensive car was packed right outside his veranda.

So he welcomed me and poured a glass of red wine for me.I had never tasted it before.His house was so big and the rays of the sun hit through the long curtains.His lather sits were so comfy.Fruits settled gracefully on the dinning table waiting to be eaten.His television looked like a projected screen.I had never set foot into such a luxurious house.

I suddenly heard someone scream,”i am sorry sir i won’t do it again….Nooo……” I was so sure that the voice came from the basement.I realky wanted to see what was going on.As i walked through the door,sweat poured down to my neck.As i stretched my hand towards the door knob,James my friend who took me in called out for me.I had to ran and sit pretending to have heard nothing.

I explained what had happend and how i got to get to Nanyuki.He offered to help me out.He actually said that he will help me get a job.Just as i was talking to him,my phone rang.Ella,my girlfriend, called me,crying telling me how hard life has become ever since i left her.

I met ella in a school function.She was so beautiful.Had a fair and glowing skin.Her hair was dark and had shades of blonde.Her smile showed how beautiful she was.I got drawn to her so fast that I even asked her out for coffee date

I could not help it but feel sympathy for her.I did not have a job to support her.Thats what killed me from deep within.I promised her that i will come back for her when i am so well off.James then offered me a job.He threw a bag towards me.When i opened it and sniffed,It got me coughing so hard.James could not help it but laugh at me.”That is your Job dude.”

So i helped him distribute the cocaine for a couple of months and this got me on track.I used to also export easily since James was well known at the airport terminals.Business grew in such a way that he earned alot of money through that.

I realized that James also owned a casino where he also got prominent people visiting.Girls also became part and parsel of his life.They came by and left each morning.I had to act so fast by moving to a new home of my own.

Two years later,Back in Nairobi,Ella had a daughter. Gave her a call and told her all was well and that we would meet up really soon.

I sent one of my drivers to go and get them and bring them to Sunford Estate at Nyanyuki.She was so happy fir me that i had achieved akot in suvh a short period of time.I had;3 ford suburban 1 g wagon and 2 Chevrolet pickup truck, and a swiming pool behind is my big house with a pure gypsum floor and chandler handing at the middle of the lobby.

She was so suprised of my wealth and melted away with happiness.My daughter had always heard about me and always wanted to see me now here she his with me so happy and out of words.She asked alot of questions without giving me enough time to answer her questions.I really felt so overjoyed holding my bandle of happiness. I kissed Ella and thanked her for being a loyal to me.

She then picked up her rugged bag and removed a small coin.It was the coin I gave her on the first day we met.Ella looked at the coin and hugged our daughter.So then i went down on one knee and she got up slowly.I proposed to her and she definately…….


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