Cold Sunny Day

I walked in so happy

Thinking that everything was good

I waited for the sun

But it assembled with cold

Forced myself to smile

Many calls made

But everything in me was still the same

I thought that it would be the day

When my life would change

When i would be part of everything

But no-

Nothing was the same

I cried silently at heart

Having conversations

On my own

Thinking about how i turned out to be like this

I cannot change my perseption on everything

But it is still a cold and sunny day

It was a blessed day before

I did pray for it

I thought thought that things would change

But everything made me feel cold

The same old me is no more

I try being happy

Expressing my feelings with joy

But i fail to hide it all

It is a hard experience ill say but nothing can control it

I cannot lie to my conscience

Because i am really wrapped in a cold and sunny showl.


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