Soundly my heart beats

Blood flows sliently

My pulse rate increases

Stretching out for my pen

Raising it one feet over my hand


I sink it deeep on my left arm

Blood gashes out

Like water in a garage

My forehead heats up

So hot like red coal

My heart feels solid

I hold my breath thinking that

It would be a great mistake

This is the feeling i get

The thoughts i have

When nothing seems right

When betrayal crosses along my path

When my life is not worth living anymore

Why shoud i be happy?

No one would allow this to happen

when they have everything to make them happy

Depressed i feel

When i am all alone

Cuddling my teddy to sleep


3 Replies to “DAILY ROUTINE”

  1. I have been depressed before and each time I get depressed; I start to obsess over the idea of the beauty of death. I am not suicidal but at those moments I can’t wait to die. In such days I call to God for help and I pray about it while reading the Bible and God gives me victory.

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