Well, I have been waiting

Waiting for you

Trying to think hard of how much love you have

Do you still remember

When you held my arms

Whispered into my ear that you will always

Always be part of me

I always dremt of us together by the shore

Runing and chasing each other

Just like i see in the scenes of movies.

I have been waiting for you

Tossing and turning in bed

Pillow socked

Sheets crenched in a wavy column

Food getting cold

Waiting for me to fill my already empty stomach

Why did you let go of me ?

You promised to save us

I never ever wanted to leave

But you let go-

Never did i have the courage

To hold on to your hand

My long love for you faded

Slowly like an approached mirrage

Soundly my heart beats

Inside the cave of my ribs

Smiles i show

Never are they real

I have been waiting for you

To think of me text or call me

But nothing

What went wrong?

I seriously dont know why

You gave me a wrong perception of love

Are relationships so difficult to hold on?

Time is flying by so fast

I remember it like it was yesterday

But do you know what –

I am still waiting for you

By the shore my hand stretched

I am waiting for dear one

Save what we had before it gets too late.


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