I met him someday

And thats when my life changed

I was confused at first

But it was a day that i will never forget

My face was all smiles

Until one day the worst happened

I felt like a bow releasing one of its own willingly with no regrets

Life seems unfair at times

All of us say that

But what have we done about it?

Is it really that bad that what we do gives us a wrong impression about various situations in life

Yes you loved before you got hurt but-

Why do you allow that to stop you from loving again?

He loved me like he was supposed to

He gave me all the attention care and support i needed

But what i dint know is that a cat has eyes with different shades

Each moment i waited and waited thinking of how i could be saved from all this drama

But it was nothing like i expected

I looked around but i was sinking into deep depression

Trust no one was my slogan

But there i was all alone with no one to lean on

But i held my hand through

The journey seemed long but patience is all that was needed

I ended it all- till now.


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