I’ll tell you why

Most of the times we feel sad

Never can we get to explain ourselves

People might hurt us-willingly or unwillingly.But it does not matter.What matters is how you are awaiting to face the situation at hand.The reason as to why we feel like we are in bondage__Is because we hold onto unnecessary things

Why dont we try to let go?

When people break our trust and friendship,It contributes largely to us having a depressed lifestyle.

When people hurt us ,I agree that it might be so hard to let go and forget about everything.

But as the Bible mentions it,we need to develop a culture of forgiveness

Why would you chose to stay interlocked into a massive cloud of hate?Which leads us to plan, do and have evil encypted in heart

This is how we find ourselves buried deep into the culture of today.Using curse words has become a norm.How did you learn all this?How did you even sit down and allow this to be part of you?

It is hard to let go and forgive but why do you try this few steps.They might help you work your forgiving skills and lead to a happy life;Free from hate,anger and sadness

  • Learn how to say sorry.

Well this could be hard for dome people but it calms you down when someone apologises.The feeling cannot be put down into words.

  • Learn how to avoid issues

We need to be outstanding.In work places,school or any other public place.Walking out helps avoid conflicts.

  • Have a forgiving heart

Well that could be a hard thing sometimes, but after you think about it you would realise that holding one in your heart could be stressful.So,forgiving is the best solution to have a free and happy life.

  • Forgetting the past

Having the future before you helps you get motivated to move foward and forget the past.Actually you might realise that forgeting the past is similar to forgiving your past.Moving on is what most if them call it.Have a goal that develops you as an individual.

Forgiving and letting go of the past,is relatively the best thing you could do for your life.Learn how to live a stress free life.Use the magical words that make you all smiles.Say sorry,please,excuse me,all that helps you move on.

@mandy mercy mwende.


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