We log into social media and click on (+) add on our friend list.We’d agree that we have never met most of them before, but when one is very friendly,welcoming,has a heart of gold we find our selves drawn into them.

When you have been lonely all through and you see this one person who always makes you feel at home when you talk to them,You start expecting too much from them.You will always want them to listen to you each time, recieve your calls or even have time for you when thy are busy running their errands.

Well something that should keep you moving is how much you feel from deep within.Love yourself and if you are always the urgent priority in all your check lists then you will overcome the need of having people grace your world.

Well before everything we have to keep God first but if we keep on giving people attention and making them your first priorities then you will sure not be the best.

Allow yourself time to process everything.Do not just jump on commenting stuff on social media.

What you say someday can cost someones life.

You might say hurtful words to someone making them have depression and then end up comitting murder.

Have selfcontrol.Let social media be an updating site for you.Meet thr right people.Do not start up conversations that will lead to one getting hurt or sad.

Everyday is a gift guard it like its precious to you.Do not be envy about how peoplelice their lives.You are a precious Gem do not take anything people say to you on social media into heart.This is simply because you do not know the people you have never met them before.

Trust nobody.I may suggest that trusting yourself and being your own best friend could help.Always have time alone make yourself coffee or take yourself out.

I prefer spending time with my self since it aids you plan for your success.You might find your weaknesses in the process of having time along and writing what comes to mind.

Sometimes you might also come up with an idea on how to select friends on social media,how to handle various things in life,how to help people close to you deal with certain issues that you have gone through.

Life is a journey of we make wrong choices they hinder us from getting to our goals.


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