How to better you today

I woke up and something got me thinking…Why do young people stray from the right ways of life?

Ever since I got to university,i realized that things do not come easy.Wrong or right choices that we make,determine how our life will be.Friends come along but you have to be surrounded by the right people those who build you as a person.

Bad companies corrupt good morals.

You need to have true friends,those who correct your every move irregardless of whether something hurts or not.

The truth still hurts right?

So why should we restrain from correcting people who are doing something that is not right with the fear of losing them?

I believe that some people need to be guided on how to make their decisions in life.You know sometimes,you actually need to be your own best friend,mentor and coach before getting someone else to fill up the space.

I believe in having principles.Some set rules that will guide you to doing something.I call it my government.When you love yourself you will always want the best for yourself.

For you to make right choices you need to:

1. Have a set record of your weaknesses.This helps you make decisions that do not collide with your weakness.

2.Have a set record of your strengths.This makes you make decisions that favour you at all angles.

3.Have principles that guide you in your daily life. They also lead you to getting to your goal and achieving what you want in life.

4.Have a diary that allows you to write your activities and with that you will be able to understand how you get to work and do your daily activities.It also helps with monitoring one self

With all this 4 steps you will be in a position to make choices without anyone’s influence.And all decisions you make will be from within.

Have a Blessed day


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