Why would emotions keep cutting through each single minute?

I feel like I’m lost in my own world

I don’t know why-but I feel like I’m all alone

No shoulder to cry on

No hand to hold on to when I need to climb to the top

No smile,no laughter,i mean everything is just so empty

Why would I fake that everything is fine?

Fake smiles are what I have

I have no one to call mine

I had a loved one,but they never made me feel any special

I was there to keep everything moving just to pass time

I confessed my love but it doesn’t move them that I love

What’s there to have in life if everything just keeps hurting from within

I would give you my heart_but I’m afraid that u’ll break it

I’m all alone fighting to be the better me

Encouraging and giving myself hope to move on in life

I’m afraid that I’ll always be that one girl who has no one to turn to but God

Life seems hard but I still manage

It’s so hard to tell who are the realest people in your life today

“Don’t judge people”, they say but if I don’t how will I know whether someone’s real to me?

Heart breaking memories

I don’t know how to stop them if I did I wouldn’t be broken like this

I’m I the only one who goes through this?

Is life this unfair sometimes?

Why would I cry if happiness is something that’s so hard for me to get?

May be I should try and get something new to keep me going

But how will I put what has happened behind my back

Where will I get a true friend that will always be there for me?

Yes,ill admit that I don’t have to be harsh on myself

But why should I keep faking it all?

Tell me why!


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