Im going to share my service today with you guys and hope it will bless you.

If Jesus teaches something take it seriously.One should not misuse their office of power to abuse the Gospel or abuse God’s people.People take preaching the word of God as stewardship.

Stewardship the job of supervising or taking care of something, such as an organization or property.If God gives you the gift of preaching you have to do it for God’s people to understand the word.

You will have to account for everything God has installed into your life.matthew25:23.The gift of a steward is having faith in what you do and being faithful in the assignment given to you by the Lord.luke16:3.If you don’t use your talent,God will take it from you and give it to that one person who is using their talent well. God is always distributing things.If you do not take care of the responsibility God has given you, he will surely distribute it.

In life you have to understand what you can and cannot do.luke 16:9″…unrighteous mammoth…”Christians do not know how to handle their money when they have it but the unrighteousness have a second way of acquiring wealth making them sorted when their stewardship is taken away from them.

Tithing is a matter of faithfulness towards the Lord.You have to be faithful in little things for God to be able to promote you.

Money is the greatest test you could ever receive.proverbs24:1,You belong to God and everything in the world that you own belongs to him. You are only a steward of God that he has entrusted you to handle is belongings.

Where your treasures are is where your heart belongs.mark 12:41-44 Jesus sits next to the treasury.You need to sacrifice to give to the Lord.

If someone entrusts you with their property, takecare of it like it is yours then Got will bless you with Your Own.

Stewardship begins at birth and ends when you are dead.God knew Jeremiah when he was in his mother’s womb. God set a time for you before you were born.

You should know your seasons and your time.Do not rush into doing things because everything has its own timing.

“The late DrMyles Munroe;Discouraged reliance on government for everything that happens to you. ”

His 10 words of wisdom

1.understand crisis and use it to solve a problem.

2.Initiate something:do not wait for things to be done.

3.Identify and refine your talent, skill, idea, service or knowledge to create.

4.Whatever makes you angry, you must solve it.

5.Poverty is not the lack of money, but the lack of ideas.

6.God does not give cash, but ideas on how to create wealth.

7.Be in control of your mind, thoughts, perception and mentality to respond to change.

8.Be keen and take advantage of changes brought about by technology and globalization.

9.Leave your legacy, but in the people you train, not in products or buildings.

10.Every human being was born with a treasure. Your greatest secret to success lies in discovering your treasure.



Matthew 25:14-17



Be blessed and have a Blessed week.


2 Replies to “STEWARDSHIP”

  1. ‘Leave your legacy, but in the people you train, not in products or buildings’ Yes! Because leadership is influence and if you are able to make others better as a result of your presence then you are a leader!


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