Well sometimes we tend to feel like we know ourselves like everyone knows us.

When you act in a certain way and expect someone to smile back and they don’t well you probably might have made them sad. Being yourself,mainly enables us realize who we are in one way or another.Inorder for us to be ourselves,we have to first inspect our feelings and emotions.Not forgetting our daily actions.

You know yourself better that anyone who thinks they do.Inorder for you to atleast get to know yourself I’d suggest that you make a list of 5 things that have your good and bad habits.By this I mean what you actually do when you are alone without any supervision of anyone or when you are with your friends. Sometimes you might have friends who may be do drugs, and they ask you to try them what matters is whether you take the drugs or not, that’s being yourself.

If you succumb to peer influence,then you are prone to betray yourself as well as your emotions. For you to be natural you have to always keep your conscience alive. Let it take control of you.This can be achieved through praying and teaching yourself to walk in the right way of God. Before you accept,agree or disagree with something,you need to analyze the results of what you have to accept.If they are bad leave them.If they are good make sure that you benefit from doing them. You have to identify who you really are by thinking of whether you like something or not.

You have to be selfish to yourself.Always strive to make yourself proud.By this you will have to put God first in all that you do.You have to strive so hard to make your heart as warm as pink strawberry flavored milkshake.You have to put that smile that will never wear out no matter what.

A little secret is that when you are always happy,everyone around you will be happy as well. Make it known to yourself that you are selfish for your happiness because you want to have the best that life can offer. After realising yourself you will never find it hard to go astray since you will never want to get into a fight with someone or get into any trouble there can be.

Be yourself know yourself and God will surely bless you with a happy life.


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