I know

I’ve not had something similar to this before. I don’t know why,but I’m really lost.

I can’t find myself.It cuts so deep Knowing what you don’t need know.

At a very moment When my heart is full of hope — it’s crushed Gushing out blood, not to stop.

Hurting from deep inside,I don’t know why But I already know that this is my life.

Tears ready to drop and roll down Down to my cheek bones,A half lit face no more joy and no more happiness.

But sorrow takes over a breaking soul Throat throttled

Full of lumbs tears weld up Eyelids trying to cover it up– hitting against each other

That pain inside my soul That cuts so deep;Fake smiles never ready to be accounted for

Fearful moments Having worst visions of what the future holds Building up pain and sorrow

Why this chance to live? When everything I face hurts? Why should I forget about it?

I feel like nothing is much more unique like the sharp pain of my teeth freezing while sinking inside a cone of cold ice-cream.

I don’t know how to fight the battles that appear in my life every single day I call out to God My only hope left My life entirely depends on him With out him I’m a broken soul.


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