How to stop nail biting habit.

I was used to bit my nails some time back and I really enjoyed it like I felt like it was something that helped me identify myself. My best friend helped with the transformation as she used the following tips to help me grow out of my habit. It obviously took sometime to grow out of biting my nails.

Sometimes our emotions tend to change with different things happening around us. The nail bitting is associated with one being anxious,nervous,stressed and this could lead to a very bad habit since it becomes a hobby to you unknowingly.

Some of the ways that you can quit biting your nails are:

  1. Distruct yourself,chewing gum can help since your jaws are busy; you’ll notice that you can’t bit your nails while chewing gum at the sametime
  2. Use a buffer to push back your cuticles.You can first soack your fingers in warm water to help make the cuticles soft.Avoid cutting your cuticles since it can cause an infection.
  3. Apply a base coat or manicure to prevent you from spoiling your manicure by biting your nails. 
  4. Wear gloves since it helps cover your nails.You can also use bandages round your fingers to prevent you from eating them. 
  5. You can apply aloe Vera round your nails or use chilli powder,liquid or crush Chili and apply it round your nails the awful bitter taste drives you away from biting your nails. 
  6. Have someone to watch over you outgrowing nail biting habit.

You can keep your nails looking good and healthy by;

  1. Having a moisturiser,shea butter,vaseline, moisturising hand lotion can help. 
  2. Push back cuticles when they are soft and not when they are dry,for them to be able to push back easily.
  3. Trim nails using a nailcutter to help them have a good shape,And file your nails regularly to avoid biting off the nail tip.
  4. Cover your nails with colourless polish or cute polish since this will psychologically help you to stay away from ruining your manicure.
  5. Do not share a metal cuticle remover since it might cause infections.
  6. Keep your hands busy playing and jaw busy chewing gum helps. 

Take it easy break the habit slowly.All the best. 


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