Glad to be home

Home does not mean a place with walls and a room on top. I mean it’s really something to consider when you realize that you areon your Own. Your home is that little heart inside you where your soul gets to rest and find emotions to be displayed by the body.There are people who will never accept their mistakes that should never drag you down you ain’t  the best mentor of your own. Keep away from people who never understand what is right and wrong in certain perspectives.Say goodbye too grown ups who have a small thin mind in them.Be an image that most of the people will want to emulate.cultivate the art of courage in you be a successful soul that everyone wants to be associated with. Understand the better part of life is finding yourself out of many people and trying to make people smile all thru their moments spent with you each and every time.You are a diamond boy or girl you are that precious take a chance in life be the better person than you were yesterday.Make the world a better place for you and those around you a better place to be in. 

Mandy Mercy Mwende 


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